Soren Midgley
Soren Midgley

Soren Midgley is a pen name the writer uses because he works for the administration of a top 50 U.S. university, and thus prefers to keep his political leanings private due to political bias inside the office environment.

Why Brett Kavanaugh Should Be Confirmed To The Supreme Court Even If He’s Guilty

The Senate’s decision carries two outcomes: keep an innocent man from his rightful place on the Supreme Court, or place a man guilty of sexual assault on the highest court in the land.

If Jack Whitehall Can’t Portray A Gay Character, These 100 Other Actors Must Go Too

How is it possible that in 2018 Hollywood — the preeminent progressive institution in American culture — cannot find gay actors to play gay characters?

Lebron James’s School Pays Forward The Substitute Fathering That Changed His Life

Collectivism failed a young LeBron James a dozen times over, before an individual stepped in and changed his life forever. Now he is doing the same.