Ross Marchand
Taxpayer Funding For ‘Green Energy’ Has Been A Financial Dumpster Fire

Companies who fraudulently represent themselves to achieve taxpayer subsidies are, quite literally, stealing from all Americans.

New Evidence Debunks Big Myth That Repealing Internet Rules Caused Throttling

Claims that removing the ‘protections’ of net neutrality would transform the internet into a tiered fiefdom have turned up flat.

If Government Grabbed Big Tech Algorithms, It’d Be A Huge Property Rights Violation

Critics are calling for Congress to force the popular platforms to open their codebooks. This would be bad for those companies and for consumers.

You Won’t Believe How Much China Cheats The U.S. Post Office On Shipping Costs

Until the UPU delivers fairer rates for American businesses, they will be stuck with an outrageous arrangement keeping their prices artificially high.

Craft Store Takes Unprecedented Measures To Cope With Trump’s Tariffs

Many of the items set to be taxed are craft supplies — like yarn and fleece — that are purchased from China and sold in U.S. stores.

Why Governments Need To Stop Subsidizing Road Salt

As infrastructure reform gears up, policymakers across the country should critically examine federal, state, and local ‘incentives’ propping up the procurement of road salt.

The Ranks Of The Uninsured Are Growing, But Not For The Reason You Think

New data on the state of insurance markets should force prognosticators to rethink their assumptions and predictions about the numbers of uninsured.

Why 2018 Won’t Be Another ‘Year Of The Driverless Car’

Driverless car companies are telling the public and governments their product is safer than manned vehicles, but the proof of that claim isn’t here yet.