Robin Pierucci
Robin Pierucci

Dr. Robin Pierucci is a wife, mother of three, and a practicing neonatologist. She also has a master’s degree in bioethics, which dovetails with her research, publications, and continued activity in neonatal and perinatal palliative care, as well as her role in helping to create a community-wide collaborative for the care of drug-exposed babies. She is a member of Women Speak for Themselves.

Neonatologist: Babies Do Feel Pain In The Womb. I’ve Seen It

This bill would prevent abortions of unborn children after 20 weeks—just shy in age of the babies I regularly care for. They definitely feel pain, and more.

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Adults need to reinforce to teens that our bodies and hearts are connected. The entire package should be treasured and safeguarded.

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