Rich Logis
Here’s How Conservatives Can Defeat Big-Tech Censorship

Dear big-name conservative media figures: you hold the power to win the struggle against online censorship, but only if you choose to fight back.

One Year After Parkland Shooting, Almost Nobody Has Been Held Accountable

Most of the same dysfunctional officials in charge at the time of the shooting are still running the dystopian show in Broward County, which is Florida’s version of New York City and San Francisco.

If President Trump Makes His Own Platform He’ll Break Social Media’s Stranglehold

With censorship of conservatives getting truly out of control, why doesn’t Trump take matters into his own entrepreneurial hands?

Should Florida Restore Voting Rights For Former Felons?

As proponents of Amendment 4 attempt to rally support, voters will make the ultimate call on whether ex-felons should regain their voting rights.

How Democrats Are Using Saul Alinsky’s Smear Tactics Against Brett Kavanaugh

Chicago radical leftist Saul Alinsky’s 13 rules for destroying conservatives are effective. The first step to challenging them is actually recognizing them.

Dear LeBron: Democrats, Not Trump, Ran Cities Like Akron Into The Ground

LeBron James should have called out those who significantly contributed to the ills that have befallen the I Promise pupils he wants to help. That’s not Donald Trump, it’s Democrats.

Why Conservatives Should Vote Like A Blue Wave Is Inevitable In 2018

The only way to turn a purple state red is the old-fashioned way: driving America First voters to the polls, and outnumbering the tens of millions of anti-American voters throughout the country.

Americans Didn’t Elect GOP Majorities To Live Like Democrats Are In Charge

On the omnibus, on the Second Amendment, on border safety—almost every issue—the GOP continues to betray the American people.