Peter Myers
Peter Myers

Peter C. Myers is Professor of Political Science at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and Visiting Graduate Faculty member at Ashland University. He is the author of “Our Only Star and Compass: Locke and the Struggle for Political Rationality” and “Frederick Douglass: Race and the Rebirth of American Liberalism.”

How Frederick Douglass Went From Wanting America Destroyed To Helping Make It Better

In Douglass’s abiding vision, America was the proper home for black Americans, their only realistic alternative, and also the locus of their highest ideals.

Yes, Frederick Douglass Was An American Patriot

By conscientious study and reflection, Frederick Douglass acquired a strong and proud American patriotism that he would retain for the rest of his life. Two Harvard professors say otherwise.

Turning Martin Luther King Jr. Into An Anti-America Revolutionary Diminishes His Power

If we cannot resolve the tensions inside Martin Luther King Jr.’s ideas, then we are compelled to judge which represents the best of his thought and action.