Paul Battaglia
Paul Battaglia

Paul Battaglia is a retired police officer who lives near in San Antonio, Texas. As a police officer, he spent 15 years assigned to narcotics, with an additional three years as a police academy coordinator. He developed and delivered training in officer survival, tactical operations for narcotics enforcement, SWAT, and a variety of search and seizure and investigative topics. After that, he spent 12 years in patrol.

This Charlottesville Map Indicates Police Allowed Violence, Either By Accident Or Purposefully

The police could have moved the white supremacists to the back of the park and loaded them on buses. Instead, the Klan was pushed out onto E. Market Street, where Antifa was waiting.

Tamir Rice’s Family Should Sue The Police Officers Who Shot Him

The Cleveland police officers involved in shooting Tamir Rice were right: they had no choice. But that’s their fault.