Nick Sheppard
Nick Sheppard
A Second Term For Trump Would Mark An Unprecedented Era Of Incumbency

Were Donald Trump to win a second term in 2020, it would mean we would be in an era of unprecedented incumbency, with four presidents in a row elected to two terms.

5 Things To Do About Our Culture’s Antagonism Against Men

Boys are over-cluttered with mixed messages, mostly negative. They have grown up with a constant narrative, bolstered by statistics, that their sex is falling behind across the board.

It’s Time For The Left To Stop Idolizing Oscar Wilde. He’s A Pervert

This icon, at the height of his fame, took advantage of his wealth and status to solicit, groom, and harass young men and teenage boys, whose willingness was ambiguous at best.

5 Ridiculous Passages From The Wizards Of Political Correctness

The first wave of political correctness laid the blueprint for the insidious cultural relativism of contemporary P.C.