Midge Fusselman
Midge Fusselman

Midge Fusselman goes by Midget Faded Rattlesnake, or Midge, at Ricochet.com.

If Angels Announce Themselves With Horns, What Kind Do They Use?

Trumpets, tubas, sousaphones, euphonia, bazookas, alphorns, litui, sackbuts, bugles, trombones, superbones, flugelhorns, vuvuzelas—all remain Apocalyptic contenders, as far as I’m concerned.

What Blaise Pascal Saw In A November Night Of Fire That Inaugurated A Year Of Grace

Had the sickly mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal been expected to shift for himself more, would he have burned as brilliantly? Perhaps. But then again, perhaps not.

You Will Never Be A Perfect Mother, And You Can Live With That

Not being maximally risk-averse is sensible. But when the worst happens, we must find a way to live with the knowledge that we didn’t do all we could. No parent is immune from this.

We Want A White Christmas Because It Speaks To Us Of Rebirth

Snow may only be available at a certain latitude, during a particular climate cycle. But it’s a beautiful reminder of memory, wonder, and new life.

The Winter Solstice Reminds Us That Darkness Can Be A Gift

Darkness reminds us of our own limits, the finite nature of our reasoning—and of the light that can penetrate even the blackest of moments.

Winter Is Coming: Advent Brings The Light When Darkness Grows

Lights do not shine in darkness unless darkness predominates. Darkness is how we come to know that light, not darkness, has positive substance, a substance not to be taken for granted.

Glade’s Latest Ad Proves Candles Are Nose Porn For Women

As women spruce up their homes with assorted items of seasonal decor, men might ask, ‘Why, Glade?’

Say What You Want About Florence Foster Jenkins, At Least She Failed Big

We shouldn’t admire the risk-takers when they succeed yet have no tolerance when they fail. Celebrate failure this weekend by seeing ‘Florence Foster Jenkins.’

How Learning To Follow Romantic Scripts Ended In A Happy Marriage

Mating game strategies are a potential solution for some of the many people confused by our culture’s sexual free-for-all.