Michele Blood
Michele Blood

Michele Blood is a freelance writer and contributor to LifeZette, the Daily Caller, and The Federalist. She earned a PhD in counseling psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi, where she wrote an award-winning dissertation. You can follow her on Twitter @BloodBrief.

In Your Neighborhood, Does ‘Love Live Here’ Or ‘Hate Have No Home Here’?

Have you seen those ‘Hate has no home here’ signs in your neighborhood? What about the ‘Love lives here’ signs? Here’s how the two prompted twin responses on opposite political sides.

New Jersey Sheriff Sues Attorney General For Barring Police Cooperation With ICE

The state attorney general wants to make New Jersey a sanctuary state. In the process, he’s disregarded the law, violated his oath, and undermined efforts to protect the country.

Knitting Site Ravelry Casts Off Trump Supporters For ‘White Supremacy’

‘If I had to guess, I would say the vast majority of women…who are crafting with their hands tend to be more conservative than average, not liberal,’ says this minority Ravelry user.

New Jersey High School Bans, Confiscates Military Sashes At Graduation

When the school distributed gowns and sashes on Thursday morning, the graduates were surprised to be told of a new ban on non-school-issued regalia.

Boston Globe Op-Ed Urges Waiters To Tamper With Trump Official’s Food

Former waiter expresses ‘eternal dismay’ over missed opportunity to urinate in Bill Kristol’s salmon, then the Boston Globe retroactively changes his piece.