Michael T. Hamilton
Michael T. Hamilton
Michael Hamilton

Michael T. Hamilton (@MikeFreeMarket) writes and edits for the liberty-minded clients of Good Comma Editing, LLC, a freelance writing and editing company. His writing appears at The Wall Street Journal, National Review Online, RealClear sites, The Hill, WORLD Magazine, and in newspapers around the country.

The Plans Congress Is Considering Will Make Health Care Worse. Here’s What They Should Do Instead

The United States’ highly regulated health-care system is a Gordian knot that only a renaissance of liberty can loose. We ought to know this, because we have tried everything else.

How Lena Dunham’s Transgender Dogma Turns Straight People Gay

Trans activists identify as infallible but trip over their own language and logic.

How Taxing Sugary Drinks Can Make People Fatter

Sugary drink taxes drive some consumers to purchase substitute products that pose equal or greater health risks, and others to buy sweetened beverages outside city limits.

Another Obamacare Catch-22: Break The Constitution Or Subsidize Insurance Premiums

Violating the U.S. Constitution could save federal taxpayers more money than stopping illegal Obamacare payments to health insurers, according to a new report.

If Obamacare Covers My Health Insurance, Who Will Cover My Time?

On average, patients spend 121 minutes waiting and traveling to enjoy a paltry eight minutes of face time with their doctor during appointments.

Why You Spend Two Hours To See Your Doctor For 8 Minutes

Your doctor could go broke if he looks at you for longer than a ‘Scrubs’ episode.

Shock Your Doctor: Ditch Insurance And Pay In Cash

We belong to a growing minority of American patients who not only lack health insurance—we like lacking it, and we like the health care we buy, too.

Obama Administration Lets Spy Jonathan Pollard Walk And Pastor Saeed Abedini Rot

Only a policy of appeasement explains how an Israeli spy mattered to the Iran deal when an American prisoner did not.

From Austin To Dallas, In The Traveler’s Notebook

How long has it been since you’ve gone people-watching?

Thou Shalt Not Tolerate The Quivering Jew

How victimization and intolerant tolerance threaten sane notions of democratic rights.

For Father’s Day, I’m Doping My Kids

This Father’s Day, my children and I are doping. Don’t look at us that way. Your family did it, too.

3 Reasons It’s Not Libertarians Making Americans Unhappy

The United Nations’ 2015 ‘World Happiness Report’ contains blind spots and logical leaps about libertarian personalities, morality, and ideology

How The Iran Bill Weakens Senate Oversight While Trying To Preserve It

If the Corker-Menendez bill passes as is, the president could execute the same weak Iran agreement that he was going to enter unilaterally—while now claiming legitimacy.