Matthew Surburg
Matthew Surburg

Matthew Surburg is a family physician in central Indiana. He has been working 12-hour shifts three days a week in his community’s Respiratory Triage Clinic.

Why Emptying Hospitals For COVID-19 Is Worth Delaying Surgeries

It may seem odd that hospitals are empty as planned medical procedures are canceled, but to subject your body to the stress of surgery and recovery would put you in danger needlessly.

Inside ‘The Polar Express’ Are Deep Lessons About Fatherhood And Becoming A Man

As we prepare to celebrate Christmas, we can gain a deeper appreciation of ‘The Polar Express’ by seeing how it celebrates the best of manhood, exploring the role of a father in his boy becoming a man.

In An Ectopic Pregnancy, It’s Medical Malpractice Not To Save The Mother’s Life By Removing The Baby

With an ectopic pregnancy, you save the life you can save. You don’t have to like it, but when you are faced with a choice between one death and two, you do what you can to make it one.

What To Cling To When Death Comes At Christmas

The first empty grave is only the first grave to empty, for on the last day all graves will be empty—Bre’s and those of all we mourn at Christmas who have died in Christ.