Matt Battaglia
Matt Battaglia

Matt is a graphic designer and comic book artist based in New Jersey. Previously, he worked in DC. You can follow him on Twitter @mattjbatt. You can pre-order his crime graphic novel, “Indoctrination, on >Amazon and check out his work at Task & Purpose and Free the People.

Stan Lee Showed The World That Superheroes Aren’t Only For Comic Books

While the characters he co-created will go down as his big contribution, Stan Lee should gain the most credit for being the greatest advocate of comics.

The ‘Jawbreakers’ Comics Outrage Is A Ginned Up Controversy Between Book Banners

To many outside the industry, this looks like banning conservatives from the public square, but that’s taking a very simplistic and borderline-false view of it.

Here’s The Playlist You Need For All Your Summer Barbecues

This playlist is something to go along with drinking beers in the backyard or having folks over for a barbecue—something to compliment, not overpower.

7 Best Quotes From Jim Harbaugh’s ‘Pardon My Take’ Interview

One of the grittiest football guys of all time recently sat down with the two grittiest bloggers ever in what became one of the best interviews in all of sports.

Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien: Covenant’ Is His Worst Film Yet

If this were a generic action movie, it would be utterly fine and unmemorable. But audiences expect something more from the famed ‘Alien’ director.

Chris Cornell Was So Much More Than Soundgarden

Chris Cornell leaves behind an incredible body of work and a legacy contemporary artists will find hard to match.

X-Men Torture Head Of ‘Heritage’ Think Tank In New Comic Book

Captain America says, ‘Heritage Initiative. They call themselves a ‘think tank,’ but—’ X-Men leader Kitty Pryde interrupts: ‘they’re a bunch of anti-mutant racists.’

What I Saw In Union Square At My First Syria Strikes Protest

Looking like an extra from a wintertime version of ‘Grease,’ off I went to Union Square to observe my first protest.

Why Dropping Joss Whedon From ‘Batgirl’ Will Not Make It Feminist

The identity of those behind and in front of the camera for a superhero movie are irrelevant to the production and the content, because these are not designed to be personal stories.

What Marvel Villains Need To Learn From ‘Logan’s’ Wolverine

Keeping the focus on the action’s effects on the characters keeps characters central, giving us a human superhero story. Other Marvel movies lack this.

SJWs Hound White Male Finn Jones For Taking White Male’s Role In ‘Iron Fist’

We’ve always known racial identity politics were not about equality, but about ending the white male. Social justice warriors just made that clearer in attacking Finn Jones for ‘Iron Fist.’

The NFL Yanked Barstool Sports’ Credentials Out Of Pure Spite

Roger Goodell has decided to not just continue making an enemy of Barstool, but is sending a message to all their fans, known as Stoolies: we don’t want you here.

Trump Super PAC Fails At Depicting Football Fans

The Statue of Liberty is a Giants and Jets icon, so no way a true-red Redskins fan is letting that false idol through his door. Get better consultants.

Sorry, #TeamIronMan, But Government Shouldn’t Boss Superheroes Around

The only real conclusion to draw from the recent string of Marvel movies is that the government is a genuinely ineffective machine incapable of handling problems.

Will ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Drop Marvel’s Political Commentary?

The new trailer for ‘Captain America: Civil War’ is out. Let’s guess at what it tells us of the Marvel-themed movie series.

The Life And Times Of ‘The Dark Knight’

Frank Miller’s critically praised Dark Knight comic series is out today with the latest in the Batman saga. Here’s a review of the newest installment and the work that led to it.

Iceman Comes Out Of The Freezer

It’s a total copout to rewrite comic history to make Iceman retroactively gay despite his many female love interests.

Why Is Daniel Craig’s James Bond So Sexless?

For all the progressive sex-positive, do what you want talk, movies seem to be downright scared to show anything related to sex. When it’s in Bond, you know it’s a thing.

It’s True: Captain America Is Now Captain Leftist

Marvel has tried to resuscitate its comic books. Unfortunately, it has done so in ‘Captain Ameri-ca’ by targeting half the country.