Matt A. Mayer
Matt A. Mayer
Matt A. Mayer

Matt A. Mayer is president of Opportunity Ohio.

Report Reveals Shocking Double Standards For Bringing U.S. Rioters To Justice

The sheer similarities and differences between the treatment of the 2020 rioters compared to the treatment of the January 6 riot rioters are shocking.

Leftists Consolidate Their Power In Washington By Killing Federalism

With federalism out of the way, elites in Washington can more easily put in place their leftist ideas while crushing people in red states.

How Hillary Clinton’s Map Advantage Could Shift Towards Trump

Any pundit who says Hillary Clinton will win likely lives in the Beltway Bubble, New York City, or Hollywood.

John Kasich’s Energy Tax Hike Shows He Doesn’t Get Markets

Raising taxes makes it more expensive to do business, lowering workers’ job opportunities and pay. John Kasich either doesn’t know that, or doesn’t care.

Liberal Jobs Policies Hurt Women And Minorities Most, Data Say

While politicos obsess about who controls the Senate, Americans worry about jobs and our economy. The Right should take advantage.