Mary C. Tillotson

Mary C. Tillotson is a freelance writer who lives in Michigan.

6 Ways To Love Your Infertile Friend

My friend asked me how to balance honesty about the difficulties of fertility with sympathy for her friends who couldn’t have kids. Here are some ideas.

Top 10 Reasons HuffPo Doesn’t Get School Choice

Steven Singer of The Huffington Post would have you believe that when parents have more choices, they have fewer choices.

8 Ways To Turn On Your Brain When Reading The News

Here are questions to ask yourself and frames of mind to be in if you want to sort out what’s fact from what’s propaganda from any side of the political aisle.

How Praying A Novena Helped Me Process This Election

This isn’t a call to check out of the political process, but a call to look at politics in the light of eternity.

4 Small Steps You Can Take To Keep Public Discourse Civil

Politics isn’t the only sphere where you can influence the world, and fostering healthy friendships is an important part of making our country a better place to live.

Many Women Aren’t Into Hillary Clinton’s Sexist Politics

We can just vote for Hillary because we’re too dumb to think for ourselves. But do we really want to go there?

Why It’s Idiotic To Blame Christians For The Orlando Attack

To say that Christianity’s teaching about marriage caused the shooting at a gay bar is to reveal either profound ignorance or profound disregard for accuracy.

Fight Brews Over Nevada’s School Choice Experiment

You won’t believe what Nevada’s education savings accounts lets almost all parents do with their kids’ education dollars.