Madeline Fry
Madeline Fry
Madeline Fry studies French and journalism at Hillsdale College, where she edits the culture section of the Hillsdale Collegian. She has been published by Acculturated, WORLD, Verily, and Philanthropy magazine.
It’s Not Spotify’s Job To Judge Artists’ Content And Character, It’s Ours

Spotify was right to abandon its ‘hateful conduct’ policy, but consumers should make a point of judging artists’ quality themselves.

What ‘Lady Bird’ Teaches Mothers And Daughters About Love

Neither mother nor daughter was perfect — in fact, their lack of communication and empathy could be infuriating. But in the ways Lady Bird and Marion tried, and failed, to express love to the other, we could see ourselves.

No, Kids Won’t Lose Their Wonder If You Tell Them Santa Isn’t Real

To us, Santa Claus was both a historical figure and an imaginary character. We should all embrace the joy of Santa this way, not as our annual chimney sweep.

Why The White Helmets Deserved The Nobel Peace Prize

The White Helmets, also called the Syrian Civil Defense, sends emergency first-responders into dangerous territory to save innocents trapped between belligerents in Syria’s civil war.