Lyman Stone
Lyman Stone
Lyman Stone

Lyman Stone is a Research Fellow at the Institute for Family Studies, and an Advisor at the consulting firm Demographic Intelligence. He and his wife serve as missionaries in the Lutheran Church-Hong Kong Synod. He also writes about migration issues on his blog “In a State of Migration.” He was formerly an agricultural economist at USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service. He has an MA in international trade policy from the George Washington University. Opinions expressed are solely his own, though his wife Ruth occasionally agrees with him

Census Test Proves Asking About Citizenship Doesn’t Scare Hispanics

The Supreme Court struck down the citizenship question, not because of the arguments leftists made, but because of the Trump administration’s repeated own goals.

Why Is The Western Left So Quiet About Hong Kong?

For some leftists, criticizing America matters more than supporting democracy. But support for Hong Kong protesters is easily a bipartisan issue.

4 Ways To Use Government To Make America More Friendly To Christians

The real loser was Christians in America as Sohrab Ahmari and David French tackled how Christians should live as citizens in an increasingly hostile world, without offering any answers.

Slavery In America Did Not Begin In 1619, And Other Things The New York Times Gets Wrong

The 1619 Project isn’t mostly about helping Americans understand the role of slavery in our history. It’s mostly about convincing Americans that ‘America’ and ‘slavery’ are synonyms.

Why Very Few Hungarians Are Likely To Get $30,000 For Having Three Kids

Hungary is giving couples $30,000 to have three children. But this Potemkin pronatalism isn’t going to increase Hungary’s birth rate.

To Make America Great Again, The Right Needs To Learn How To Run Bureaucracies

We need a Federalist Society-type organization to train young conservatives to become federal bureaucrats if we want to slay the Big Government leviathan.

Yes, Banning Abortion Reduces Abortion Rates

Let’s not kid ourselves. Abortion restrictions work. They have large, rapid effects and save tens of thousands of lives from the cruelty of murder in the womb.

Dear David Frum: U.S. Population Growth Is Not A Problem, It’s A Solution

There are people planning for the 400 millionth American. There are people planning for, dreaming for, the billionth American. I am one of them.

New Research: Women Earn Less Not Because Of Sexism, But Because They Prefer To Raise Their Own Kids

The research overwhelmingly suggests the sexes’ earnings gap is mostly not caused by sexism. It’s not an unequal pay for equal work issue, it’s largely that women do different work.

Putting Boots On The Ground In Venezuela Would Be A Grave Mistake

Venezuela’s situation is terrible, and Nicolas Maduro’s stronghold might grow less stable over the course of the month. We still shouldn’t intervene.

Why Handing Out Birth Control Will Not Help Women Manage Fertility The Way They Want

Long-acting reversible contraceptives might not be the godsend that people keep claiming––especially if doctors aren’t informing their patients properly.

Going To Yale Makes Women Rich, But Only If They Marry—And Other Studies Women Should See

Women are vastly less likely to end up in the workplace than society teaches them to expect when they are, say, considering college decisions.

The Real Border Crisis Is About Foreigners Gaming America’s Asylum Laws

We need a wall, but we also need the resources to defend the wall: judges to convict violators, court officers to manage detention centers, etc.

John Chau’s Death Was A Missionary Failure Nobody Should Emulate

For orthodox Christians who hold to the revealed truth of scripture and believe in gospel-focused missions, this whole media circus about John Chau is frustrating.

Why Birthright Citizenship Is Good For America

Birthright citizenship creates birthright loyalty, whereas denying citizenship to foreign children helps alienate the entire family and slows down assimilation.

Steve King Isn’t A Nazi, But He Still Shouldn’t Be Re-Elected

Iowa Rep. Steve King is not a nationalist of any kind: he’s a globalist, but part of right-wing globalism instead of left-wing globalism.

Study: If Trends Continue, All Men May Be Infertile By End Of Century

The findings are sufficiently clear in the data that it’s time to take seriously that men really may be losing some degree of their biological fertility.

No, Pro-Lifers Aren’t Racists Who Only Want To Save White Babies

Progressive writer Rachel Held Evans claimed if pro-lifers knew that babies saved from outlawing abortion were black, we would probably be pro-choice.

Aggressive Deportations Are Bad, But They’re Not Ethnic Cleansing

The group the Trump administration has targeted isn’t an ethnic or religious group, so these policies aren’t ethnic cleansing. But ‘Not quite ethnic cleansing’ is a very low bar.

It’s Time To Finally Admit Professional Sports Are Bad For Society

If states begin legalizing sports betting, it will reveal the longstanding moral depravity of American sports culture, and hasten the process of families abandoning its decadence.