Laura Baxter
Laura Baxter
Laura Baxter

Laura practices employment law and teaches political science at her local university. The opinions stated in this article are her own. You can read more of her work at

Thanks To Neil Gorsuch, The Biden Administration Is Forcing Employers Everywhere To End Free Speech And Put Men In Women’s Bathrooms

Thanks to Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, the EEOC has declared war on people who hold traditional views on sex, women who value their safety and privacy, and people who simply believe in science.

A BLM Activist Sicced My University On A Conservative Student — And Failed

If you are a student, the parent of a student, or work with students, please watch for this phenomenon, and don’t stay silent.

For My Family, Fear Of COVID-19 Was Worse Than Actually Getting It

As my family knows from personal experience, COVID-19 is bad enough that you should try to avoid it. But odds are very good that if you contract the virus, you will survive.

Why The Price Of Face Masking Is Not As Small As It Seems

According to my governor’s order, the mask requirement is based on ‘the unanimous recommendation of the public health experts,’ but who are these experts, and are they really unanimous?

6 Reasons Online College Is A Terrible Substitute For The Real Thing

College assignments are meant to gauge learning. Making classes ‘virtual’ decreases the likelihood that learning will actually occur.

Amid National Emergency, Federal Agencies Lecture Americans About Wuhan Virus ‘Stigma’

Chasing the phantom of ‘coronavirus stigma’ is nothing more than tiresome virtue-signaling. It’s also a wasteful diversion of our tax dollars.

How I Learned To Be Thankful Even For Mental Illness

Through a dark trial of my son’s mental illness, I realized suffering is an embedded feature of our fallen world. But through thanksgiving, earthly suffering is transformed, one broken heart at a time.

How To Fight California’s New Nanny State Law Banning Freelance Work

In essence, California companies can no longer hire independent contractors to perform work within the normal scope of their business. This is devastating to workers who love their freedom.

California Bans Workplace, School Rules About Curly Hair Because That’s Racist

California should deal with the many real problems plaguing its citizens, not pushing virtue-signaling legislation on hairstyles in the workplace.

8 Ways Students’ Tech Addiction Is Ruining College

Back-to-school season is a good time to take a hard look at device addiction and plan some changes for the new school year — ghost your screens and take back your life.

George Washington’s Early Lessons Prove Politeness Is A Civic Virtue

Young Washington: ‘Cleanse not your teeth with the Table Cloth Napkin Fork or Knife but if Others do it let it be done wt. a Pick Tooth.’

No, Christianity Does Not Support Paying Reparations 150 Years After Slavery

The evils of slavery are too great to be fixed with cash. Forgiveness cannot be bought, and no number of government commissions will make things right.

9 Reasons Tax Day Should Be A National Day Of Mourning

We live in a great country with a great heritage, and I don’t grudge resources that make it great. But that’s not what Tax Day is all about.

9 Ways The Current Federal Family Leave Mandate Messes Up Families And Jobs

During my 17 years as a labor attorney, I have witnessed the Family and Medical Leave Act erode the rights of businesses and families. We shouldn’t expand this problem.

35 Days Without The EEOC Illustrate Why It Should Be Shut Down Forever

Employees can allege discrimination and receive money as a result, without ever having to prove that discrimination actually took place. This encourages more frivolous complaints.

If You Didn’t Hunt Your Own Thanksgiving Turkey, You’re Doing It Wrong

In honor of Thanksgiving, let’s all remember where our fine food comes from––starting with the turkey that adorns our tables.

Take This True Or False Quiz To See If Your Feelings Need A Reality Check

How should we view these powerful sensations, and what role should they play in our lives?

7 Legal And Moral Principles To Reaffirm In The Wake Of Brett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

Both our legal and moral traditions provide crucial principles to guide us in such cases, principles that obviously need revisiting. As a believer in the Bible, and an attorney, I submit seven brief thoughts.