Korey Maas
Korey Maas

Korey D. Maas teaches history at Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Michigan, where he lives with his wife and five young children. You can’t follow him on Twitter, because he doesn’t know what that is.

Is There Any Church Abuse Too Far For The Catholic Faithful?

If matters were ‘ultimately all about’ the Eucharist, it would have to be admitted that Eastern Orthodoxy remains a perfectly legitimate option for discouraged and disillusioned Catholics.

Protestant Questions For Scandalized Catholics Who Still Remain Catholic

Catholic laity are right to demand honesty from the hierarchy. But let them also be honest with themselves and others about why they remain in the church.

Debate Over Kidnapping A Jewish Boy Revives Questions About Catholicism’s Compatibility With Political Liberty

If the forcible removal of baptized children from non-Catholic parents was just in the nineteenth century, it remains, in principle, no less so today.

Why It’s Ridiculous To Blame The Reformation For Secularization

Lamentations over the Reformation tend to focus on, not theology, but what are viewed as its inevitable and detrimental social and political consequences.

Why Do Catholics Support An Unrepentant Strip Club Owner For President?

Higher proportions of Catholics than evangelical Christians support Donald Trump, defying his spat with the pope and their historic allegiance to the Democrat Party.