Julio Gonzalez
Julio Gonzalez
Eliminating Sex On Birth Certificates Is Driven By Inexperienced Med Students Undermining Science

The baby’s sex has already been determined by its genetic makeup and corresponding anatomy. Hence, no one can ‘assign’ any sex designation at birth.

A Short History Of The American Medical Association’s Descent Into Leftist Hackery

The medical field needs an organization that will advocate for improved physician practices and healthcare delivery, not vogue and misguided social causes.

Why President Trump Is Right To Consider Pardoning Green Beret Matthew Golsteyn

Let the president, as he is charged to do under the Constitution, consider whether the outcome in this case is one where justice wears a countenance too sanguinary and cruel.

The Left Has Ripped Away The Pretense That The Supreme Court Isn’t Political

The whole reason the nation has been subjected to the traumatic Brett Kavanaugh confirmation is because liberals know the Supreme Court is inherently political.

Michael Avenatti’s Case For Indicting The President Is Factless Hogwash

There are only two flaws with antagonistic lawyer Michael Avenatti’s argument for indicting President Trump: It has no basis in fact, and it has no basis in law.

Susan Rice Email Means It’s Time To Question Obama’s Involvement In Russiagate

Why did President Obama feel the need to stress his commitment to ensuring the Russia investigation was handled ‘by the book’ just a month before he left office?

Why We Need To Let Legislatures Override Bad Court Rulings

The Supreme Court’s ability to issue a binding opinion on any subject that no one else could overturn is inconsistent with the checks and balances the Framers crafted.