Joseph A. Wulfsohn
It’s Time To Have A Bipartisan National Conversation About American Anti-Semitism

It would have been naïve to think it was eradicated completely, but, in recent years especially, anti-Semitism does seem to horrifically be making a comeback.

Hillary Clinton’s Call To End Civility Until Democrats Win More Elections Is Delusional Bitterness

Our nation has never been more divided in an entire generation and, instead of uniting everyone, Hillary Clinton argued for doubling down on that division.

For Kavanaugh’s Confirmation, Thank Dianne Feinstein, Harry Reid, And Michael Avenatti

These three prominent Democrats played a vital role in helping along Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.

How Lindsey Graham Single-Handedly Saved Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

His powerhouse speech not only supported Kavanaugh and not only scolded Democrats; he rallied his Republican colleagues behind the nominee.

Will Unleashing Kavanaugh’s Accuser Suck Away Democrats’ Midterm ‘Blue Wave’?

If Christine Blasey Ford doesn’t show up to Monday’s hearing, it will hurt the Democratic Party, which has thrown full support behind her without waiting for the facts.

Democrats Are Using Kavanaugh’s Accuser As A Pawn

Credible accusations of public figures should be taken seriously. The question is: why didn’t Sen. Dianne Feinstein take this seriously?

Joe Scarborough: Trump Is Worse For America Than ‘The Attacks On The Twin Towers’

In Joe Scarborough’s mind, Trump wanting a travel ban from terror-infested countries and some stupid retweet is equivalent to the roughly 3,000 Americans who were murdered on 9/11.

CNN’s ‘Chief Legal Analyst’ Jeffrey Toobin Is A Shameless Fearmonger

Sometimes the ‘expert’ offered is worse than the chaos, and few do more of a disservice to the national conversation than CNN’s ‘chief legal analyst,’ Jeffrey Toobin.

Chuck Todd Says It’s Fox News’s Fault Americans Think The Media Is Biased

What Chuck Todd resents the most about Fox News is the fact they’re the first to highlight media bias and profit from it.

Bill Clinton Stood Next To A Rabid Anti-Semite At Aretha Franklin’s Funeral, But Nobody Called Him A White Supremacist

If George W. Bush stood alongside a KKK official at a funeral, the media would ask the former president if he disavows the bigot. Not with Bill Clinton and Louis Farrakhan.

CNN’s Jim Acosta Continues To Prove He Is A Political Activist, Not A Journalist

Acosta seems to think he can be an objective reporter by day and a pundit by night. But at this point no one paying attention is buying his act.

Nikki Haley To Students: Do Better Than Merely ‘Own The Libs’

Nikki Haley essentially urged young conservatives to avoid trolling, which is sort of ironic since her boss has become the troller-in-chief.

Max Boot Ludicrously Claims Obama’s Big Scandals Were Wearing A Tan Suit And Putting His Feet On A Desk

For Max Boot to point to Obama’s tan suit as the most prominent scandal of his administration is not only blatantly false, it is completely dishonest.

Comedians Use Trump To Excuse Ugly Comedy Like ‘God Bless Abortions’ And Impersonating Disabled Veterans

Yes, the Left owns comedy. But even as recently as ten years ago, the bitter partisanship was restrained in comparison to since Donald Trump announced his candidacy.

If We Still Believe In Innocent Until Proven Guilty, Jim Jordan Should Be No Exception

The top-ranking congressman was accused by three former college wrestlers of ‘turning a blind eye’ to sexual abuse while working as assistant coach at Ohio State University.

Democrats Only Have Themselves To Blame For Oiling The Path For Trump’s Second SCOTUS Pick

Democrats are trying to use Mitch McConnell’s 2016 political maneuvering against him, saying that the Senate should halt the nomination process until after the election.

Why It’s Ridiculous To Label Trump’s North Korea Summit A Failure

Compare the dialogue between the two leaders now to six months ago, when many feared we were headed for all-out war.

Robert De Niro Just Handed Trump’s 2020 Campaign A Blank Check

What’s so remarkable about De Niro, Maher, and Bee is that they seemed to have learned absolutely nothing from the 2016 election.

On North Korea, The Most Unpredictable President Outplays The Most Unpredictable Dictator

Had the dictator pulled the lever before Trump did, it would have been seen as an embarrassment for the president. So at least the summit imploded on Trump’s terms.

7 Things Trump Did That Media Insists Are Mere ‘Distractions’ From Russiagate

Don’t be fooled by the Trump administration’s evil, manipulative plan to divert attention from the country’s most pressing issues, like Stormy Daniels.