Joseph M. Knippenberg
Joseph M. Knippenberg
Joseph Knippenberg

Joseph M. Knippenberg is a professor of politics at Oglethorpe University.

Evangelicals Aren’t Really That Keen On Donald Trump

Those who take the moral worldview traditionally associated with evangelicalism most seriously are quite unlikely to support Donald Trump, at least in the primaries.

A Friendly Suggestion For The Democratic Party

In order to comply with the cultural standards of today, the Democratic Party must change its name or else be tainted by its oppressive historical baggage.

A Modest Proposal For Handling Offensive Place Names

Virtually everyone who lived before the present probably held opinions of one sort or another that some of us find offensive. Off with their names!

What We Can Learn About Freedom From ‘The Hobbit Party’

‘The Hobbit Party’ calls us to stop and think where we might otherwise have been inclined just to be carried along by the adventure.