Jordan J. Ballor
Jordan J. Ballor

Dr. Jordan J. Ballor is a research fellow at the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion & Liberty, and author most recently of “Get Your Hands Dirty: Essays on Christian Social Thought (and Action).” You can follow him on Twitter @JordanBallor.

Why Big Oil Wants A Carbon Tax

The U.S. shale boom may have helped reduce CO2 emissions. This gives big oil companies leverage to use government to beat down competitors.

The Logic Of Economic Discrimination

If Apple can boycott Indiana, why can’t evangelicals boycott same-sex weddings?

High Prices At Airports Aren’t The Fault of Capitalism

Underlying people’s complaints about the economics of cronyist or regulated environments such as airports is the feeling that capitalism oppresses them.

Desmond Tutu Draws A Line In The Oil Sands

Christian environmental stewardship recognizes the complexity of the environmental, economic, social, and political realities.