Jonathan Lange
Jonathan Lange

Jonathan G. Lange is a pastor of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. He has raised his family in Wyoming for two decades, serving parishes in Evanston and Kemmerer. He is a leader of the Wyoming Pastors Network. Follow his blog at

The Court-Sanctioned Persecution Of Jack Phillips Shows How ‘Hate Crime’ Laws End Everyone’s Freedom Of Speech

The goal of lawfare against people like Phillips is to destroy free speech, not by winning discrete battles, but by winning a war of attrition.

How The Supreme Court Made It Easier To Smear People As Racists And Scream The F-Word In Public

Instead of protecting true free speech, we’ve crushed the speech that matters most: the articulation and testing of the truth.

Babies Are Being Left To Die In America. President Trump Just Helped More Of Them Live

‘Every infant born alive, no matter the circumstances of his or her birth, has the same dignity and the same rights as every other individual and is entitled to the same protections under Federal law.’

Groups That Profit From Abortion Are Too Biased To Represent Women’s Interests

After decades of pretending the interests of abortionists match the interests of women, June Medical v. Gee is an opportunity for the Supreme Court to let women be heard.

10 Years Later, The Manhattan Declaration’s Defense Of Marriage Is Even More Needed

The most fundamental duty of government toward marriage is to recognize its reality and enforce the legal contract at its heart. This is what the Manhattan Declaration called for 10 years ago.

How Capital Punishment Preserves The Value Of Human Life

Capital punishment acknowledges both the existence of objective evil and human government’s responsibility to execute justice. To conflate it with the killing of the innocent is reprehensible.

‘Unplanned’ Lifts The Veil On What Happens Inside Planned Parenthood

This movie depicts the third most common medical procedure performed on women—a procedure that is largely veiled from sight.

Why Parents Should Be Able To Adopt The 700,000 Frozen Embryos IVF Has Left Behind

With her entire being, she told me that she was no longer a faceless statistic. She is a real person who has been freed from years in a frozen prison.

How America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer Almost Got Away With Murder

He had numerous witnesses, with evidence literally piled up in the hallways, stored in freezers and refrigerators. How could all of this go unnoticed for decades?

Everyone Has A Responsibility To Help Clean Up The Catholic Abuse Scandal

I have a simple call to action for people from every church and from all walks of life. It is this: Do your job without partiality. Do not be swayed by the reputation of individuals or the power of institutions.

What Wildfires Can Teach Us About How To Fight Cultural Contagions

As we consider the cost of wildfires on our public lands, we should notice the parallels to the wildfires in our culture.

Supreme Court Revives The First Amendment In 3 Key Rulings

They underscore the right not to be compelled to worship at the government’s altar, speak the government’s message, or join the government’s associations.

People With Down Syndrome Deserve Our Love, Not Genocide

Killing those with Down syndrome serves no rational purpose. It is a policy born of ignorance and fear. Worse, what it communicates to those so affected is simply unimaginable.

How Ash Wednesday Answers Our Grief At The Parkland Murders

The universal hatred of human death is a unifying force. Let’s not use it to divide. Instead, let’s take some time to rejoice in common ground.

4 Ways Moms And Their Children Remain Physically Bonded For Life

Every mother is a chimera made up of her own genetic cells living side by side with the cells of every child she has ever carried.

Stephen Paddock Exemplifies The Dangers Of Weaponizing Human Minds

While we have a moment of unity in our feelings of disgust and judgment upon the Las Vegas murderer, let’s engage our minds to make that common ground last.

When Kaepernick Took A Knee, He Was Feted. When Joseph Kennedy Took A Knee, He Was Sued

Colin Kaepernick is known for taking a knee in a pre-game protest. Joseph Kennedy is known for taking a knee in a post-game prayer.

Wyoming Judge Appeals To Nation’s Highest Court After Losing Job For Being A Christian

The question Obergefell has raised across that land is: can we craft laws that permit mutually exclusive views to peacefully coexist? Or must the disfavored view be driven out of public life?

Basic Human Decency Shouldn’t Be Political, But It Is

Many simple things have become so politicized that many ordinary, decent people are culturally conditioned to ignore anything and everything that might call ethics into question.

Wyoming Censures Judge For Marriage Beliefs Even Though No Law Requires Her to Perform Marriages

If the Wyoming Supreme Court is permitted to insert an unstated requirement upon judges, what prevents some future court from reading pastors, priests, and bishops into the same decision?