Jonathan Ingram
Jonathan Ingram
Jonathan Ingram

Jonathan Ingram is vice president of research at the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA). Beforing joining the FGA, Jonathan served as the director of health policy and pension reform at the Illinois Policy Institute, a non-partisan research organization dedicated to promoting personal freedom and prosperity in Illinois. While at the Institute, he developed public policy solutions, with a particular focus on patient-centered health care policies and public sector retirement reform. Jonathan has also served as a staff writer and editor-in-chief for the Journal of Legal Medicine, an internationally ranked, peer-reviewed academic journal.

How Expanding Medicaid Kicks Thousands Off Private Insurance And Costs Lives

Expanding Medicaid threatens to kick nearly 160,000 North Carolinians off their private insurance and onto taxpayer-funded Medicaid. This is what it does everywhere.

How A Bogus Claim About Medicaid Made It Into The Los Angeles Times With No Pushback

Because Michael Hiltzik had ‘never heard anything about’ Ohio dumping disabled people from Medicaid thanks to Obamacare’s expansion, he concluded it must be bogus. It’s not.

Welcome To Obamacare: Please Wait

Today marked the first day of open enrollment in ObamaCare’s health insurance exchanges. But you wouldn’t know it if you tried to see what your options were on their website.