James Lucas
James Lucas

James W. Lucas is an attorney in New York City who writes on legal and constitutional matters. He is also a producer and writer of a pro-life, Halloween haunted house movie, “All Hallows Day Eve.”

How To Show Americans Lockdowns Are Killing More People Than The Virus

We need a lives-for-lives analysis of the public health costs of the Democrats’ lockdowns.

How ‘One Voter, One Vote’ Would Keep Cities From Controlling The Country

Citizens living in sanctuary cities effectively have more per capita voting power than their fellow Americans in suburban and rural areas. It’s enough to comprise Democrats’ entire majority margin in the House.

Research Finds Lockdowns Are Far Worse For Health And Lives Than Coronavirus

Why aren’t the epidemiological models used to justify the lockdowns also accounting for the grave public health risks of prolonged closures?

Coronavirus Shutdowns Expose The New Class Divide

When half the working class is facing economic devastation and the other half still has to show up to work, are we really all in this together?

How Not Asking About Citizenship On The Census Gives Democrats More Votes In Congress

Our country should be governed with political power evenly allocated on a ‘one voter, one vote’ basis. However, to do that, we will need the data from the citizenship question on the census.

Two Ways The Right Can Wrestle Big Government Down To Size

We must create visionary programs of our own, and they must center around slashing the bloated administrative and regulatory state bankrupting our country.

Leftist Attempt To Purge Northam Over Blackface Fits Collectivists’ Historic Temper

Conformity with leftist orthodoxy has been enforced in unsavory ways over the last century. Modern leftists might want to rethink their dogpile model, although history suggests they won’t.