Jimmy Sengenberger
Jimmy Sengenberger
Jimmy Sengenberger is president and CEO of the Millennial Policy Center, a public policy think tank based in Denver, Colorado, and the host of "Business for Breakfast" on KDMT Denver Radio.
Dear Elizabeth Warren: Don’t Make Other People Pay Off My Student Loans

There are better ways to address student loans and ballooning higher education costs than Warren’s magic debt eraser and free college goody bag.

No, Trump’s Tariffs Are Not A Master Negotiation Tactic

Some Trump diehards think the president’s tariffs are a strategic masterstroke in negotiation, but the harm they will do belies that idea.

What Congress Should Do On Tax Reform Versus What It Likely Will

The economy is improving, but not at full steam. Is a tax reform boost really possible? Probably not anything truly substantive.