Jeremy Senderowicz
Jeremy Senderowicz
Jeremy Senderowicz

Jeremy Senderowicz is a New York City lawyer who is very disappointed the Yankees didn’t dominate baseball further after the advent of free agency. Follow him on Twitter at @jsende.

The New York Times Fails By Its Own Standards

If current trends continue, the New York Times as an institution will have serious blind spots that will lead its journalism astray in innumerable ways.

Liberal Hacks Compete For 2020’s Top (Or Worst?) Pundit Award

The other matchup that jumps out at me is the possibility of Jennifer Rubin matching up with her Washington Post teammate Max Boot with the Final Four on the line.

What Baseball Can Teach Us About Saving America’s Failing Institutions

Stats alone can’t fix problems, but last year’s best baseball book outlines how teamwork and the right analytical approach can turn things around.

What ‘Veep’ Can Learn From ‘Silicon Valley’

It’s time for HBO’s ‘Veep’ to dive into the substance of its surroundings.

An Inspiring Story Of How Affirming Textualism Rescued An Industry

The Supreme Court justices considering King v. Burwell’s Obamacare case should take note of this famous example of textualism’s merits.