Jane Robbins
Jane Robbins
Jane Robbins

Jane Robbins is an attorney and a retired senior fellow with the American Principles Project in Washington DC. In that position she crafted federal and state legislation designed to restore the constitutional autonomy of states and parents in education policy, and to protect the rights of religious freedom and conscience. She is a graduate of Clemson University and the Harvard Law School.

Don’t Be Fooled By ‘Conservative’ Groups Pushing A Leftist Takeover Of Civics Education

Fordham is once again hiding behind its undeserved and unquestioned ‘right-leaning’ reputation to help impose progressive education policies.

If You Think Trans Ideology Is Infantile, You’re Not Wrong

Public policy regarding sex and gender identity is now guided by principles not only of the faculty lounge, but of the nursery school.

3 Ways The Left’s Hatred Of Women Shows Up In Transgender Ideology

The political left has a misogyny problem. For all the trumpeting of women’s rights, leftist policies frequently demean, disempower, or even endanger women.

How ‘Socio-Emotional Learning’ Became Another Vehicle For Anti-White Racism In Schools

A learning focus popular in public schools has been converted into a vehicle for teaching critical race theory to elevate favored students based primarily on race.

Newly Discovered Letter Shows Endocrine Society Urged Experimenting On Trans Children

Using pseudo-scientific jargon and a healthy dose of deception, the Endocrine Society is conditioning society to accept and fund manifestly absurd things.

Federal Investigation: Trans Bathroom Enabled Alleged Sexual Assault Of Kindergartener

Parents who object that trans bathroom policies endanger their daughters are dismissed as ‘transphobic.’ But parental warnings have been tragically borne out.

Exploiting Child Suicide To Bully Parents Of Trans Kids Is The Ultimate Science Denial

Parents shouldn’t allow themselves to be bullied into agreeing to radical, experimental medical procedures they know deep down are bad for their child.

Stop Government From Banking Babies’ DNA Forever Without Parents’ Consent

When all babies’ DNA is stored forever and accessible to whoever has the most money or political clout, no one’s most fundamental privacy is secure.

Gender Clinic Doctor: Plenty Of Kids I’m Giving Trans Drugs Have Already Been Prostitutes

Dr. Johanna Olson-Kennedy is the picture of what happens when a physician values political advocacy to the detriment of medical ethics and professionalism.

TED Talker Promotes Laws To Let Doctors Mutilate Minors Without Parent Consent

The most noteworthy aspect of Tandy Aye’s discussion is her concession that the doctors who administer ‘gender affirming therapy’ are sterilizing these children.

New Evidence Indicates Cross-Sex Hormones Trigger Major Heart Problems

Transgender activists hurry to deny and hide these crucial scientific findings. Almost makes you think they only care about pushing a political agenda.

Doctors Speak Out Against Medical Profession’s Utter Lack Of Caution For Trans Kids

Given the undeniable medical and psychological risks of administering opposite-sex hormones, the physicians question how any child, adolescent, or parent can give truly informed consent.

Why Puberty Blockers Are A Clear Danger To Children’s Health

As much as transgender ideologues disguised as doctors want to claim otherwise, some drugs pose serious and lasting risks to children.

Tax-Funded Researcher Studying Trans Children Is Married To Trans Woman; Both Profit From Child Mutilation

The more this information comes out, the more the public can understand what’s really going on with the debate over treatment for gender dysphoria.

U.S. Doctors Are Performing Double Mastectomies On Healthy 13-Year-Old Girls

Thirty-three of these girls were under 18 at the time of surgeries a taxpayer-funded researcher is studying to validate transgenderism. Two were only 13 years old, and five were only 14.

It’s Not Sci-Fi: China Is Developing Tech That Can Mold U.S. Kids’ Minds

Chinese companies are buying up U.S. companies that store mammoth personal data on American children and adults. National-security analysts are starting to take notice.

Why Creating A National ID System Would Threaten Americans’ Privacy And Security

The proposition that the federal government should be entrusted with even more information on citizens is a bit of a high-stakes gamble.

Why ‘Competency-Based Education’ Will Deepen America’s Education Crisis

Do we really want a society in which every action a child takes from K-12 is incorporated into an economic planning algorithm that may control the rest of his life?

Seven Deadly Progressive Education Myths

In many ways, the progressive education establishment is akin to a leftist “Hive”—people who think and speak alike and move in concert, even without centralized control Read Full Article >

It’s Official: The Feds Will Collect Psycho-Social Data On Your Child

Government of the people and by the people should not plumb and manipulate the people’s psyches and emotions, especially when many kids can still hardly read and cipher.