James Wallner
James Wallner

James I. Wallner is a senior fellow at the R Street Institute, an adjunct professor at the Catholic University of America, the author of two books on the Senate, and a former vice president at The Heritage Foundation. Before joining Heritage, Wallner was the executive director of the Senate Steering Committee during the chairmanships of Pat Toomey and Mike Lee.

The Constitutional Case Against Late Impeachment

A review of the Constitution’s text and the delegates’ deliberations at the 1787 Federal Convention raises significant questions about the case for late impeachment.

Your Guide To What Happens Next With Impeachment

Now that they’ve passed an impeachment bill, Democrats are slow-walking the process in a bid to secure procedural guarantees from Senate Republicans on how the trial will unfold.

The Senate Can Amend Effort To Block Trump’s Border Emergency Declaration

Can senators amend a resolution of termination under the National Emergencies Act? Yes.

How GOP Leadership’s Neutering Of Budget Hawks Left Them Unarmed Against Trump’s Debt Deal

The way Republican leaders corralled the votes previously left them unable to oppose the president’s agreement to suspend the debt ceiling and fund the government for three months.

How Senate Leaders Can Use Existing Rules To End Democrat Stonewalling

Getting the Senate back to work doesn’t require changing its rules. Republicans have all the tools they need to curb Democrats’ ability to obstruct their agenda.

1950s Control Tactics Can’t Manage Today’s Freewheeling Senators

An unwillingness to let go will lead to gridlock and inaction as the majority party is unable to resolve its internal disputes yet also unwilling to advance the legislative process.