James Gottry
James Gottry
James Gottry

James Gottry is an attorney and writer at Alliance Defending Freedom.

Georgetown University Threatens Student Group For Upholding Catholic Teachings

Love Saxa is in danger of being stripped of its status as an official student group at Georgetown University. Its offense: holding to a Catholic view of human sexuality.

Why ‘Fairness For All’ Legislation Actually Produces More Discrimination

Its cuddly name aside, careful study of ‘Fairness for All’ legislation reveals that the proposed legislation is poorly conceived, demonstrably unfair, and wholly incapable of achieving its aims.

Christian Artists Should Have The Same Free Speech Game As Colin Kaepernick

Why is Colin Kaepernick’s situation playing out in the court of public opinion while Jack Phillips’ is playing out in the Supreme Court of the United States?

After Barring Geologist From Grand Canyon Because He’s A Christian, Park Service Relents

Three years, one congressman, and a mountain of attorneys later, the National Park Service is doing the right thing for a Christian geologist.

Is It Okay To Ban Nonprofits From Tax-Funded Programs Solely Because They’re Religious?

The Supreme Court is set to determine whether government can exclude certain nonprofits from neutrally available public benefits solely because they are religious.

USDA Threatens To Shut Down Farm For Conservative Article In Break Room

Obama-era rules empower meat inspectors to become speech inspectors, and that’s created a crazy situation at one farm in Michigan.

The War On Wedding Vendors Is Ultimately A War On Free Thought

To forbid people from articulating beliefs and peacefully acting consistently with those beliefs is, at its core, an attempt to forbid the beliefs themselves.

How The Government Should Punish Colin Kaepernick’s Anti-Patriotism

Veterans and law enforcement personnel shouldn’t have to suffer this stigma. Their comfort is more important than Kaepernick’s free speech—right?