Heather Smith
Heather Smith

Heather Smith is an advocate of classical Lutheran education and holds a BA in Elementary Education and an MA in English. Her writing may also be found at www.sisterdaughtermotherwife.com.

How To Opt Out Of The Expanded Child Tax Credit In 72 Easy Steps

This was my actual experience attempting to opt out of the monthly welfare payments that have the potential to wreak havoc with our family’s year-end tax bill.

How COVID Control Freaks Cultivate America’s Culture Of Fear

Not only was F.D.R. wrong, so was Patrick Henry. ‘Give me liberty or give me death’? No. Take my liberty as long as it will protect me from death.

How America’s Obsession With Safety Is Stunting Our Kids’ Spirituality

America’s safety obsession reveals not so much a healthy desire to protect our children as the gangrenous decay of a society that has rejected the transcendent.

Inside America’s Largest Religious Revival You Know Nothing About

For decades, demographic studies have indicated the steady decline of religion in America, but new measures suggest at least one religion in America is alive and well.

Why President Trump And All Political Leaders Need To Ramp Up Their Rhetoric

We could use more good men skilled in speaking. We could also use more honest persuasion. That is why we could all stand to ramp up our rhetoric.

I Identify As Married To A Man Who Won’t Have Me, And It’s So Unfair

No matter what he says or how many restraining orders he gets, I am—I always have been—the wife of Mr. X.

How Our Individualism Has Trapped Us In A Welfare State

America’s enchantment with individualism is so thoroughly ingrained that it has become almost invisible, except in our massive, socialistic welfare state.

10 Ways To Help A Teacher Help Your Child

As a teacher, I can do a lot to help your child understand math or learn to write more clearly, but I’m powerless to meet many of his daily, basic human needs.