Hadley Heath Manning
Hadley Heath Manning
Hadley Heath

Hadley Heath Manning is the director of policy at Independent Women’s Forum.

No, We Wouldn’t Be Better Off Fighting Coronavirus If We Had Medicare For All

This pandemic has the potential to strain our health-care system like nothing else in modern times. But we will get through it best without a top-down Medicare for All system.

10 Reasons Medicare-For-All Is A Bad Idea Besides Financial Bankruptcy

Republicans and Joe Biden are making a huge mistake by focusing on cost. The implication is that government-run health care would be good if we could afford it.

How The Left Pretends To Champion Women While Actually Erasing Them

The left’s assault on women-only spaces erases femininity in pursuit of a perfect gender parity that doesn’t exist (and never will).

Women Talk About How Tax Cuts Are Already Improving Their Lives

Independent Women’s Voice asked women to share on social media how tax reform had affected them, and many women did. Their stories ought to be told.

Parents Magazine Needs To Check The Facts Before Scaring Moms About Pre-Existing Conditions

Parents Magazine’s article on the AHCA misinforms readers about the potential effects of the legislation and the state of health care today.

Why Socialized Health Care Is Unjust

When government runs hospitals, clinics, and other health-care institutions, people get worse care for more money.

Don’t Judge Yourself By Social Media ‘Likes’

Model yourself after Instagram star Essena O’Neill, who says she’s done measuring herself by online attention. You don’t have to quit social media to do it, either.

Is Obamacare Sexist?

The Left only brings out the disparate effects of government policies when it serves their agenda. Here, it’s with Obamacare.

Yo, Millennials: Marriage Creates Financial Security, Not Vice Versa

Many of today’s young adults have put the cart before the horse when it comes to marriage and money.