Garrett York
Garrett York
Garrett York

Garrett is a graduate of the University of Nevada who’s lived in the Reno area since 1988. He has a passion for writing, history, useless trivia, video gaming, pop culture, and bad puns. Garrett also enjoys rainy evenings, long sits on the couch, good books, good movies and good food. He lives just east of Sparks with his two dogs, River and Washburn.

Season 3 Confirms It’s Time For ‘Stranger Things’ To End

It’s just too good to go on forever. Wallowing in ’80s nostalgia is healthy when done in moderation, but too much could make for disappointing outcomes.

Don’t Bother With The Second Season Of ’13 Reasons Why’

Hannah is now a jock-chasing bully ghost who passively aggressively haunts the one guy who was truly in love with her.

Trump’s Mischaracterized MS-13 Comments Are One Breath In A Hurricane Of Media Reality Twists

A thorough recounting of false reports in the last century could fill a book. The press should feel fortunate a third of Americans still believe them.

This NYT Columnist’s Celebration Of Karl Marx’s Legacy Is Beyond Parody

It must have been someone else’s concepts the Bolsheviks were touting as they slit the throats of the members of the provisional government in Saint Petersburg.

The Robinsons Hit Screens Again For An Enjoyable Reboot In ‘Lost In Space’

A sense of mystery permeates the overall narrative arc of a fresh yet familiar reboot of the campy original 1966 series.

How ‘The Last Jedi’ Ended My Love Affair With Star Wars For Good

My fandom is over not because I grew up, but because they tried to grow up Star Wars. The results are disappointing to some, but to those like me, they’re disillusioning.