Frank Scaturro
Frank Scaturro

Frank Scaturro served as counsel for the Constitution on the staff of the Senate Judiciary Committee between 2005 and 2009, in which capacity he worked on the nominations of John Roberts and Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court and Neil Gorsuch to the Tenth Circuit. He is the author of, among other titles, “The Supreme Court’s Retreat from Reconstruction” (Greenwood Press, 2000). Follow him on Twitter at @FrankScaturro.

A Short History Of Democrats’ Vicious Tactics For Controlling The Judiciary

There is an unmistakable dissonance between Joe Biden’s calls for national unity and his party’s judicial obstructionism over the past four years.

Democrats Are Applying Litmus Tests To Gorsuch Their Favorite Justices Wouldn’t Pass

The ever-changing interpretation of the Constitution Senate Democrats promote imposes litmus tests nearly every justice who is not currently serving would fail.