F.J. Rocca
F.J. Rocca
F.J. Rocca

F.J. Rocca is an independent, conservative writer and blogger of fiction and nonfiction, most interested in the philosophy of American conservatism. He believes that wisdom is greater than the sum of facts, that knowledge is born of experience, that clarity is more important that eloquence, and that truth is vital to human discourse. His website is candiddiscourse.com.

Living A Good Life Takes Some Practice

The habit of good living should be the vital goal of everyone’s existence, no matter what tragedy may befall us or good luck may drop in our laps.

It Took Us 25 Years To Find Each Other, But It Was Worth It

My wife and I are 20 years apart, and traveled many winding roads to finally reach each other.

You Must Earn Respect Before You Can Enjoy Love

Remember your Aretha Franklin: Love is spelled R-E-S-P-E-C-T. It applies to relationships ranging from classrooms to foreign affairs.

Why Words Matter For Defending Freedom

We can’t talk to each other if the words we’re using mean different things. Corrupt language steals freedom, even just by the act of redefining it.