Elizabeth Kantor
Elizabeth Kantor

Elizabeth Kantor is the author, most recently, of “The Jane Austen Guide to Happily Ever After.”

Catholic Bishops Forbid Making Sign Of The Cross: ‘You Could Poke Your Eye Out And Go Blind’

The latest announcement was the most recent of a series of changes beginning with the indefinite suspension of all public Masses and the abolition of meatless Fridays in Lent.

‘Downton Abbey’ Offers Neighborhood Happiness That Springsteen’s America Lacks

The comforts of Downton Abbey come at a cost, yet are we really all that happy out here under ‘Western Stars,’ in perpetual pursuit of our own solitary satisfactions?

When A Lesbian With A Transgender Partner Wants To Hook Up With You, Run

The jaw-dropping account of the personal life of Harvard Law professor Bruce Hay is yet another morality tale about the utter chaos fueled by our late-term sexual revolution world.

Twitter Bans Conservative Author For Tweet Supporting Sarah Jeong And Opposing Deplatforming

If Ma Bell had behaved like this, the phone company would have been listening to all our calls and cutting off conservatives’ service for ‘hate speech.’

Donald Trump Isn’t Fighting A Culture War But A Cultural Revolution

Ross Douthat is mistaking the new American cultural revolution for a mere culture war about petty things like standing for the national anthem.

Why Young Adults May Embrace Jane Austen’s ‘Happily Ever After’ In Marriage

Despite the progressive lessons of their elders, many young people are embracing old-fashioned norms like marriage and traditional gender roles.

Bob Dylan Rescues Literature From The Literary Set

Bob Dylan’s Nobel acceptance speech could almost have been written to illustrate the famous words on ‘tradition and the individual talent’ from an earlier Nobel laureate.