E. Cindric

E. Cindric is a bilingual and millennial conservative. He has a master’s in political science from Central European University.

Trump Trolls Critics Into Blasting American Fast Food

Nothing screams America more than a buffet of fast food, and nothing appeals to more Americans than finally not being judged for the food they consume.

How The Central American Caravan Could Lead To A U.S. Refugee Crisis Like Europe’s

While the encroaching caravan south of our border may seem miniscule in comparison, the mass exodus of migrants to Europe did not transpire overnight either.

Data: Seattle’s Minimum Wage Hike Gets Workers A Measly $10 More Per Week

Besides boosting their incomes merely $520 a year, minimum-wage employees also have had to take on second jobs to make up for losing hours due to artificially inflated wage costs.

Why Conservatives Shouldn’t Celebrate Kanye’s Trump Phase Too Much

What better way to stand out from the herd of mindless, mainstream zombies than by becoming a messenger for Hollywood’s leading antagonist, Donald Trump.

Media Goes Gaga On Melania For Wearing Safari Clothes To Africa

Melania went ‘full-out Heart of Darkness’ with a pith helmet of ‘blinding white — the single most stereotypical symbol of white imperialism, an obsolete icon of nostalgia for Empire’?

‘Broad City’ Degrades Women For Entertainment And Excuses It Because Trump

Virtue signaling, sanctimonious lecturing, and temper tantrums are the foundations of a newly emerging TV genre in Trump’s America.