Dustin Murphy

Dustin is a lawyer for the federal government. He has an LL.M speciality in international and operational law.

6 Serious Reasons Churches Shouldn’t Suspend Sacraments During COVID-19

The church should be clear in its voice that the sacraments are essential and necessary to life, and that they will continue no matter what.

Here Are The Rules On When Presidents Can Use Military Force Without Asking Congress

Presidents have relied on their Article II powers to use force overseas, and their attorneys have argued that the Constitution authorizes them to do so.

12 Ways Pornography Just Doesn’t Show Enough

Pornography doesn’t go far enough to promote genuine love, which we can see primarily in three areas: conjugal love, relationships, and privacy.

4 Major Problems With Gun Control Arguments

Gun control proponents are full of hypocrisy, don’t tailor their demands to reality, misapply blame, and use law to discriminate.

4 Ways Pornography Hurts The Environment And National Security

Step aside, climate change. Pornography is a real sociopolitical threat.