Rachel Campos-Duffy and Evita Duffy

Evita Duffy is an intern at The Federalist. Rachel Campos-Duffy is a Fox News contributor and a mother of nine. Her debut children’s book – inspired by real-life events – is a story about a little girl’s adventure inside the U.S. Capitol where she learns lessons about patriotism, courage, and her immigrant father’s journey to citizenship. It’s available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Paloma-Wants-be-Lady-Freedom/dp/1621579700

WaPo Article: Black And Brown People Who Vote For Trump Are ‘White Supremacists,’ Too

The old Democrat Party pushed their leftist policies via class resentment. Today, because of their reliance on big tech and corporate donations, they push corporate socialism via race resentment.

Michelle Obama Is Complicit In Netflix Child Porn Film ‘Cuties’

No one should doubt the considerable power former first lady Michelle Obama wields within Netflix or the unrivaled cultural influence she has to speak out in defense of preserving girlhood and innocence.