Donald Devine
Donald Devine

Donald Devine is senior scholar at the Fund for American Studies, the author of America’s Way Back: Reconciling Freedom, Tradition and Constitution, and was Ronald Reagan’s director of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management during his first term.

Modern Conservatism’s Enduring Creative Tension

Linking traditionalists and libertarians has created a powerful coalition within conservatism that endures to this day.

Are We Seeing Another Global Great Awakening?

A series of books have explored varying reasons why belief in God is high across the globe. Except for a few holdouts.

Post-Election Propaganda Begins: Sorry, Your Ideas Aren’t Like Reagan’s

Henry Olsen and Peter Wehner try to mold Ronald Reagan in their image in a new article for Commentary magazine.

Psychiatry, Mental Illness, and the State

Here is a definitive discussion of psychiatry, from an insider committed to the profession but who does not shy away from its profound difficulties.

The Real John Locke — And Why He Matters

Modern experts are confused about what John Locke actually thought. And that’s a problem.

Is the Pope’s Capitalism Catholic?

Francis’ passion for human dignity is essential in forcing us to face the higher challenge. One wishes he would take on the similar challenges of the welfare state.

Capitalism’s Enigma And Its Future

It is impossible to exaggerate the enigma within the term “capitalism.” To this very day its central concepts of market and “trickle down” are questioned from the American president to the pope.