Denny Burk
Denny Burk

Denny Burk is a Professor of Biblical Studies and Ethics at Boyce College.

Don’t Be Too Distracted To Miss That Trump Kept Obama’s LGBT Privileges

Social conservatives need to be aware that the administration may use chaos to distract attention from substantive changes that threaten constituencies that voted for President Trump.

Jimmy Kimmel Accidentally Gives A Reality-Based Lesson On Transgenderism

In a recent short, Jimmy Kimmel argues that truth is an objective fact that exists independently from the whims of human opinion.

Ending Tax Exemptions Means Ending Churches

A call for ending tax exemptions for churches and religious institutions is a call to close them down—or at least to plunder them of their property.

Why What The NBA Did Was Right And What Mozilla Did Was Wrong

There are many people in America who will not see the distinction. They should.