Dennis Weisman
Dennis Weisman
Thanks To Supreme Court Cowardice, The Government Is Still Persecuting Jack Phillips For Being A Christian

Jack Phillips is not being persecuted for discrimination against LGBT people, but for religious beliefs and practices the Colorado Civil Rights Commission deems in need of correction.

The Question Of Whether Americans Should Pay Reparations Is Thornier Than You Might Think

It’s undeniable much was taken from enslaved black Americans, but forcing those uninvolved in slavery to pay reparations risks worsening racial tensions.

Georgia’s Corporate Exodus Signals The Rise Of The Woke Cartel

Woke policy positions by corporations and sports leagues that aren’t sustainable when acting alone are sustainable when they operate as cartels.

Defunding The Police Will Mean More Shootings, Higher Taxes, And More Pain For The Poor

Proposals to defund law enforcement fail the cost-benefit test and will likely increase avoidable deaths while lowering the overall standard of living.

If Joe Biden Wasn’t Impeached Over A Ukraine Quid Pro Quo, Trump Shouldn’t Be Either

Is it principled for Trump to be impeached or forced to resign when the weight of the evidence supporting a personal interest quid pro quo is arguably stronger for Biden than it is for Trump?

Why We Need Monuments To Washington And Jefferson More Than Ever

History should be taught and scrutinized, but should never be sanitized, at least not in a country that aspires to learn from its imperfect past.

How Creative Destruction Has Begun To Pop The College Bubble

By eliminating tenure, changing incentive structures, and putting the emphasis back on teaching, colleges can create more value for students.