Dean Clancy
Dean Clancy

Dean Clancy, a former senior official in Congress, the White House, and the U.S. health care industry, is a nationally recognized expert on U.S. health care and fiscal policy. He founded the advocacy group HSAs for All and currently serves as the senior health policy fellow at Americans for Prosperity.

4 Ways Republicans Can Gain From The Unpopularity Of ‘Medicare For All’

Letting medical research continue to advance is a great argument against single-payer health care. So Republicans should make it.

The Government Needs To Stop Subsidizing Tesla Owners And Start Taxing Them

It’s debatable whether the ‘green car’ industry ever really needed a government subsidy to get going, but it clearly does not need one to keep going.

Richard Cordray’s Tyrannical Federal Reign Disqualifies His Bid For Ohio Governor

Even a cursory examination reveals Richard Cordray to be more than just a self-promoting pit bull with vaguely monarchical tendencies. He is also a corrupt partisan hack.

Senate Democrats Blatantly Lied About Hillsdale College

Every single Democrat senator owes Hillsdale an apology for the blatant lies spread about the college during Senate debate over tax reform.

America’s Most-Cited Jurist Hates Words And History

Richard Posner on judging: ‘I am not interested in the text.’

Mike Pence Makes Medicaid A Presidential Issue

Medicaid Expansion is now officially a top issue in the 2016 presidential contest.

The Most Popular Republican Talking Point On Health Care Is Wrong

The most popular Republican health care idea is letting people buy health insurance across state lines. It’s unnecessary and unconstitutional.

Can Republicans Escape The Fauxbamacare Trap?

Fauxbamacare may turn out to be the Republican alternative to Obamacare. But it’s not a politically viable option.

Here Are the GOP “Replace” Plans — And Only Some of Them Stink

The Great Health Care Debate is far from over. Rather, we’re beginning the debate we should have had five years ago.