David Azerrad
David Azerrad
David Azerrad is the director of the B. Kenneth Simon Center for Principles and Politics at The Heritage Foundation.
What’s Wrong With The Left’s Complaints That Populism Threatens Self-Rule

The Brookings Institution’s William Galston warns that liberal democracy ‘faces clear and present dangers’ from a rising populist tide. Is that really true?

How James Madison Saved The Constitution This Month By Writing The Bill Of Rights

What began as a mere afterthought to the Constitution ended up saving the Constitution from its Anti-Federalist critics, and today looms larger in the American mind than the Constitution itself.

What The Declaration Of Independence Says About The American Character

Many Americans still retain the American character of not only asserting rights but standing to defend them.

Who’s Happier: Liberals Or Conservatives?

Ignore a new study that claims liberals have happier eye muscles and other silliness.

Life Isn’t a Zero-Sum Game

Reject the premise that life is a race and that we are all racing against one another.