Dan Jones
Dan Jones

Dan is a higher education consultant who has trouble staying in one place for very long. A Fulbright grantee in Malaysia in 2013, today he can be found anywhere from his desert hometown of Phoenix to the rainforests of Southeast Asia. Follow him on Twitter, @djonesvi.

China’s Futuristic Big Cities Make The United States’ Regulatory Mess Look Bad

Instead of its ancient wisdom, America seems intent on learning from China what first began to take hold in the late 1940s as a hopeful republic collapsed into Communism.

It’s Time For The Right To Openly Embrace Classically Liberal Muslims

The West’s manipulation of the world’s second-largest religion for political purposes threatens to do lasting damage to the idea of Islam and its innocent followers.

Why The American Right Needs To Become Liberal Again

Our intellectual allies in most countries are somewhere in the ‘liberal’ camp, so we can’t keep using it like it’s a curse word.