Daniel L. Davis
Daniel L. Davis
Daniel L. Davis

Daniel L. Davis is a retired U.S. Army colonel who served multiple tours in Afghanistan. He is a fellow with Defense Priorities. Follow him @DanielLDavis1.

Obama Was Wrong To Get Us Into Syria, And Trump Is Wrong To Keep Us There

Remaining actively engaged militarily in the Middle East only deepens our strategic failure and extends the forever war that Trump has repeatedly criticized.

To Keep Russia At Bay, We Need Good Diplomacy, Not Threats Of War

The tiny Russian contingent that deployed to Caracas last week doesn’t threaten the United States, but blundering our way into great power conflict over this deployment does.

Stretching War Powers Lets The President Provoke Wars Americans Don’t Want

If military actions continue to be taken abroad by the inclinations of a single person, the nation could find itself plunged into a war it would not have chosen if its people were consulted.

Here’s The Foreign Policy Stance That Should Displace Neocons

Liberal interventionism and neoconservatism offer us the same militaristic approaches. It’s time for a new, more thoughtful approach to our foreign policy.