Courtney Shadegg
Courtney Shadegg

Courtney Shadegg is a government and public relations consultant. She graduated from the University of Southern California and previously worked as a Senate staffer.

American Tax Dollars Funded Dangerous Studies On Bats With Coronavirus In A Chinese Lab

U.S. National Institutes for Health sent $15 million to EcoHealth Alliance, which conducted dangerous coronavirus studies in communist China.

Taxpayers Fund A $4.4 Trillion Budget, And Democrats Won’t Even Tell Us What It’s All For

When asked how the government is managing our national resources, the answer ‘We don’t know’ is simply unacceptable.

Sen. Joni Ernst Is Kicking The Creeps Where It Counts — Their Paycheck

Ernst, herself a survivor of sexual assault, is proposing a bill to terminate any federal employee who has been criminally convicted of sexual assault.

Who Wants To Be An (Unemployed) Millionaire?

When the people bearing the brunt of the pandemic see politicians running interference for millionaires, ‘unity’ isn’t the feeling that swells within them.

5 Biggest Moments From Bernie Sanders’ Fox News Town Hall

Bernie’s radical beliefs on abortion were booed, but his Medicare for All proposal was quite popular with the audience. He also defended his millionaire status.