Craig Bruce Smith
Craig Bruce Smith

Craig Bruce Smith is the author of “American Honor: The Creation of the Nation’s Ideals during the Revolutionary Era.” Follow him on Twitter: @craigbrucesmith. All views are that of the author and do not represent those of the federal government, the U.S. Army, or Department of Defense.

The American Revolution Was Also A Moral Revolution

In C. Bradley Thompson’s new book, ‘America’s Revolutionary Mind,’ the Clemson professor makes a provocative and persuasive rebuttal to contemporary historians suggesting that the American founding advanced self-serving motives based on slavery, race, and class.

You Can’t Celebrate America’s Independence While Vilifying The Founders

The Founders were deeply flawed, but democracy and liberty are not. Let’s focus less on their failings, and more on their ideals. The Founders are for everyone, and we need them.