Collin Garbarino
Collin Garbarino
Collin Garbarino

Collin Garbarino is an associate professor of history and the director of graduate programs in humanities at Houston Baptist University. He has written about history and pop culture for a number of publications. You can follow him on Twitter @@collingarbarino.

If Men Don’t Want To Get Kavanaughed, They Should Follow The Pence Rule

The threshold for credibility has dropped to the point where a woman’s word is enough to cast doubt on a man’s life’s work.

Why ‘Justice League’ Is So Frightfully Boring

‘Justice League’ is more of the same action-packed boredom that Zack Snyder began in ‘Man of Steel’ and perfected in ‘Batman v Superman.’

‘Dunkirk’ Explores How To Stay Nationally Unified During A Politically Fractured Time

The two countries Nolan calls home experienced political tumult during the filming of ‘Dunkirk,’ so it’s hard not to view the film through a political lens.

Despite Its Terrible Name, ‘Baby Driver’ Is A Heist Movie That Defies Expectations

With ‘Baby Driver,’ Edgar Wright infuses the heist genre with an originality that’s consistent with his previous work.

How ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ May Be Too Close To Reality In California

What if it already has happened here, and we didn’t notice because we focused on ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’s’ religious hang-ups rather than its comments on the intersection of politics and sexuality?

What ‘Kong: Skull Island’ Says About Our Apocalyptic Fears

Sometimes monster movies aren’t really about the CGI monsters; they’re about the monsters creating fear in our own lives.

‘Logan’ Offers Viewers A World Of Meaningless Despair

The film proffers a bleak, hopeless world in which the only hero to be found—Wolverine—embraces endless violence, and cannot offer redemption.

‘The Great Wall’ Pretties Up The Global Film Industry’s Hatred Of The West

Matt Damon’s new film about The Great Wall and zombie-dragons is the perfect movie. And by “perfect,” I mean one that will make lots of money.

‘The Lego Batman Movie’ Builds A Better Superhero Film

This Batman is the Dark Knight living in the Caped Crusader’s Gotham City, and ‘The Lego Batman Movie’ buries every film in Warner Brothers’ ‘DC Extended Universe.’

In ‘Split,’ M. Night Shyamalan Finally Aims Creepy In A Better Direction

M. Night Shyamalan’s films are often horrific, but for all the wrong reasons. With ‘Split,’ he offers audience something different and interesting.

Jaime Foxx’s ‘Sleepless’ Is So Cliché It Will Put You To Sleep

If you’re not planning to show the audience something fresh, the least you can do is film and arrange your clichés with excellence. ‘Sleepless’ could have been named ‘Sleepwalking.’

Apple’s iPhone Crackdown Is A Marketing Stunt—But A Good One

Apple’s reluctance is to unlock the iPhone is one tactic in the three-way war waged by Apple, Google, and Facebook for the heart of the Internet.

Star Wars Has No Good Guys

All the factions inside the Star Wars world suck.

Revisiting Hiroshima: A Struggle Of Narratives

Would the Japanese have surrendered without bomb or invasion?

Feminism’s Age of Ultron

Apparently feminists aren’t satisfied with female characters in movies like ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ unless they act like men and otherwise fit the feminist script.

No, America Is Not Collapsing Like The Roman Empire Did

America’s republic has not disintegrated into an empire, but into a monarchy.