Colin Chan Redemer
Colin Chan Redemer

Colin Chan Redemer is a professor at Saint Mary’s College of California and a fellow of the Davenant Institute. His writing has appeared in the Englewood Review of Books, Evansville Review, Sojourners Magazine​, and​ the Tampa Review​​.

Why Even Non-Christians Lose From Growing Ignorance About The Bible

This is a loss not only of the Bible or Christian faith but a severing of his connection to all the other aspects of a culture that ought to have been ours.

Why It’s Better For Everyone If The NFL Keeps Football Violent

Men seem to enjoy engaging in violent competition and are going to look for outlets to channel this impulse. If not with football, it will move somewhere else.

7 Tips From A Professor To Help You Hack Your College Visit

Figuring out which campuses can actually get your teen to develop in the right direction and which ones are frauds can be done with some elbow grease and is worth the effort.

Why Everyone Should Watch The NFL This Season Instead Of Boycotting

As the weather turns cold and the mid-season ‘Game of Thrones’ lull sets in, you’ll want to tune in to some excitement, and I’ve got just the thing. It’s a story, of sorts.

‘Silence’ Shows Comfort Is A Brilliant Way To Pressure Someone Out Of His Faith

The film hints that the Japanese authorities learned that merely killing priests would not stamp out the faith. To accomplish that goal they needed something more.